Choco-Bananas Are Serbian Sweetness

One of the perks of living in DC is the international flair. Every year or so, the different embassies hold open houses and let the public come in for tours. They also usually put out little treats. While the rums & cokes from were awesome, I really loved these choco-banana candies from the Serbian Embassy. […]
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Indoor Pulled Pork – A Favorite

The Bitten Words posted on this recipe and gave it high marks. Being a northerner, I am no BBQ expert. So, when these guys say this is the real deal, it counts for a lot. This recipe isn’t quick and there are some tedious bits, but the results are great. It calls for first brining […]
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Free Lamb Cookbook

Are you envious of our Lamb Awesomeness? Was your New Year’s Resolution to get more Lean Protein in your diet? Or do you just like looking at nice food photos? Well, you are in luck! The nice people at the Tri-Lamb Group who have been hooking us up with lamb, sent a bunch of extra […]
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Culinary Christmas Treats

While I am always happy getting Christmas presents, I am extra happy when I can eat or cook with them. Our fun little condo is starting to get a little cramped with all of the stuff for Elena, so we don’t have much room for new toys for us. One of the great things about […]
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Taipei – Xiaolongbao

One dish which I really enjoyed in Taipei was xiaolongbao. They dumplings, but very much unlike dumplings you would usually find in the States. The filling in the dumpling is made with an aspic, gelatinous soup, that turn into liquid when cooked. The end results is a dumpling that is magically filled with soup. Din […]
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Nova Scotia’s Finest: Alexander Keith’s

Exciting news readers! Alexander Keith’s is available in DC. This is big! For those of you unaware, Keith’s is from Nova Scotia and is one the one of the oldest breweries in North America. According to wikipeida, they became distribution in the US back in April. While Keith’s may not be Nova Scotia’s best beer, […]
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IMG 7844

Taipei – Markets

I was in Taipei, Taiwan last week for a conference. I got to sneak away for a little to adventure and check out the food scene. While there are normal supermarkets and restaurant, it was more fun to check out the local Night Markets and Wet Markets. The night market near where I was staying, […]
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IMG 9172

Lamb Supper Club: Flock-upy Wool-street

The nice folks on the Tri-Lamb Council recently sent us our next shipment of lamb. The seasonal recipe this time around was a lamb flatbread with arugula and goat cheese. It is ground lamb, which is a fun switch from the large roast we had last time. They sent the lamb, along with everything needed […]
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Japanese Octopus Snacks

I picked up this snack from my favorite grocery store in DC, Hana Japanese market. They have an amazingly good selection of Japanese products given the size of the store and staff is nice and helpful… and they are on Twitter! It is pretty easy to figure out what this snack is… it is very […]
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