Lamb Chops = An Easy Easter

Easter and lamb are synonymous. Thanks to the Tri-Lamb Group we have gotten to try a variety of lamb dishes. We have used butterflied leg of lamb, lamb shanks, ground lamb and lamb shoulder. The one cut we haven’t tried is lamb chops. Lamb chops can from variety of places on the lamb. Lamb loin […]
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Successfully Making Meatballs

Our last attempt out making meatballs didn’t work out too well. The meatballs stuck to the pan and started to fall apart. That is not to say that results weren’t tasty, but it ended up looking more like a meat sauce than meatballs. I used a similar recipe, it used panko breadcrumbs instead of bread, […]
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Homemade Bagels

I can sometimes be a little aspirational when I shop. A great example is the supplies I got from King Arthur Flour a while back. I got special high-protein flour and malt powder so I could make bagels. Three years later, I finally got around to it. I really shouldn’t have waited that long. While […]
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Homemade Applesauce With Kids

Most people are drawn to farmer’s markets by the fresh produce and unique heirloom varieties. Not me. I go for the bruised, blemished, overripe and sometimes ugly fruits and vegetables that get sold as Seconds. There are a lot of recipes where you want the highest quality, best looking ingredients. We first eat with our eyes after […]
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Recipe Schema – WordPress Plugin

I have always be jealous of the websites that have little thumbnails show up next to their recipes on Google. Turns out that you have to specially encode your recipes in order to do that. It is not too hard to do, you just need to provide extra context for Google about the different parts […]
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Candy Bucket Cake Fail

The Bitten Word guys came up with the most genius concept recently, cooking every recipe in 6 of the most popular cooking magazines…and we were a part of it! The nice thing about challenges is that they push you to get outside of your comfort zone. This was true with the recipe we ended up […]
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Souffles Aren’t Scary

Even though souffles have made my cooking resolution list for a number of years, I have been successfully putting them off. That is until one appeared in Real Simple. I mean if the name of the magazine is Real Simple, how hard could it be? Luckily it delivered as promised. Mine didn’t rise as high as the ones in […]
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Chimichurri Sauce is Mean and Green

It is a shame that parsley gets regulated to a garnish, it has so much more to offer. Chimichurri sauce helps demonstrate that, and it is fun to say. The sauce is from Argentina and is typically used on grilled meat. I have found works great on so much more than that though. The parsley […]
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Urban Fig Foraging

If you pay attention while you are walking around, you can find amazing things; in this case, a fig tree. I walk to Elena’s day care, and take a variety of routes. On one of these routes I noticed a large fig tree that overhangs an alley. Right now it is in full swing and […]
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