When Luke first started this site, he wanted it to be about all the things he learned while cooking; hence Cookography, the study of cooking. Just like Geography is the study of Geo, or something. Anyhow, Luke quickly came to realize that he liked photographing food more than he liked writing about. The name still works, it is sort of the combination of cooking  and photography. This is really fun for Luke and slightly annoying for Carolyn, who would rather eat the food than photograph it! Carolyn is the official taster/editor of Cookography, which is an unpaid internship.

As much as we try to keep up with posting photos and recipes we try, both of us have day jobs. Luke is a computer nerd and Carolyn tries to save the World.

Luke doesn’t really have any cooking or photography experience; he has definitely been learning as he goes on both accounts. For photography, Strobist has been a great site for getting started using flashes. Flashes make food photography a lot easier.

Luke and Carolyn have been happily cooking/photographing/eating/ writing about food since 2002. With the exception of a food poisoning incident on our third date, we’ve been pretty successful. We are always game to try new recipes, so let us know if you have something good! Also let us know if you have any corrections or suggestions!


Happy Cooking!

– Luke & Carolyn