Blue Bottle – Fancy Pants Coffee

While I was out in San Francisco last month, I was able to get brunch at Blue Bottle Coffee. They are very persnickety about brewing coffee and make a pretty mean brunch too. Since I was luckily on East Standard Baby time, I got there right as the started serving food and right before the […]
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Woodbridge GTG Heroes DC 059.jpg

Giving Through Growing

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a reception for the Fort Barnard Community Garden in Arlington Virginia. The garden works to contribute fresh produce to the Arlington Food Assistance Center, which helps needy families in the county. They have dedicate a plot to growing produce specifically for the center. Gardeners are also participating […]
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Bottarga – Cured Fish Fun

If people go and put fish on their pizza, it it usually anchovies. However, my favorite fishy pizza topping is Bottarga. It is cured fish roe, made by taking the roe pouch from tuna or grey mullet and preserved by curing it in salt for a couple of weeks. When cured, it forms a hard […]
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Mezcal Watermelon Punch

One of the best surprise at the Fancy Food Show was to find Derek Brown mixing drinks in the Mexico pavilion. Derek is genius behind the Columbia Room and one of the best bartenders in DC if not America. He was putting together cocktails to showcase Tequila and Mezcal, and of course doing a little […]
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Bar Harbor Foods – Canned Goodness

One of the more interesting parts about the Fancy Food Show ( I swear I almost done with posts on it ), was getting to meet the people behind different brands. It is even more finding out that products you like have a genuine heritage instead of being some corporate creation. I was really excited […]
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Grafton Cheese Goes Artisnal

If you haven’t guessed, we are big fan of cheese and one of the first cheese makers we visited in person was Grafton Village Cheese. They had traditionally produced aged cheddar cheese and their distribution had been constantly improving. It used to be that we could only find them when we went back home to […]
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New Chocolate from Taza

I am a big fan of Taza Chocolate and was excited to see them locally at Peregrine Coffee… and even more excited to run into them at the Fancy Food Show in DC. They have just released a new chocolate bar, with 87% cocoa. The first batch came out of the molds last Wednesday and […]
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Fancy Food Show – DC

Yesterday I attended the Fancy Food Show, which was a completely overwhelming experience. The expo is put on by the National Association for the Speciality Food Trade. It is basically how buyers from the store you like to shop at get all of the cool items you like to buy. It is fascinating to see how huge […]
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Red, White & Blueberry Pancakes

My parents were in DC for the 4th of July and it was Elena’s half-birthday, so I decided to do something special for breakfast. Overnight pancakes are great when you are cooking for company. I cut down the amount of yeast to 1 tsp and skipped the cinnamon and instead went with a little grated […]
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