New Chocolate from Taza

I am a big fan of Taza Chocolate and was excited to see them locally at Peregrine Coffee… and even more excited to run into them at the Fancy Food Show in DC. They have just released a new chocolate bar, with 87% cocoa. The first batch came out of the molds last Wednesday and they brought a couple.


As expect, a bar with 87% cocoa has a big chocolate flavor. They roast the nibs a little longer, which you can taste, but there is still a lot of fruitiness. Unlike all of their other chocolate, the chocolate for this bar doesn’t come from the Dominican Republic. This helps give it a different flavor profile. Had I actually taken notes, I could tell you where the chocolate was from, I think it was Bolivia. It was great to run into them and see their chocolate getting a wider distribution. If you see a bar, try the 87%; and if you are in Somerville, go on their tour!

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