Red, White & Blueberry Pancakes

My parents were in DC for the 4th of July and it was Elena’s half-birthday, so I decided to do something special for breakfast. Overnight pancakes are great when you are cooking for company. I cut down the amount of yeast to 1 tsp and skipped the cinnamon and instead went with a little grated nutmeg. Since you make the batter the night before, everything is ready to go in the morning. All you need to do is heat up a griddle and start turning them out. Even with a large griddle, you will still need make them in at least 2 batches. To keep the first batch warm, heat you oven to the lowest setting and place them on a baking rack inside. The rack helps keep them from getting soggy.

Since it was the 4th of July, I decided to go with a Red, White and Blue theme; Strawberries, Whip Cream and Blueberries. It is easy to add fruit to the pancakes, simply push them in as the first side cooks. To get a some of the juice out of the strawberries, I tossed the cut pieces with a bit of confectioners sugar. I also whipped up a batch of fresh whip cream, which is easy enough to do if you have a hand mixer. Simply add a little bit of vanilla and confectioners sugar to some heavy cream and beat until you have whip cream.

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