Nova Scotia’s Finest: Alexander Keith’s

Exciting news readers! Alexander Keith’s is available in DC. This is big!

For those of you unaware, Keith’s is from Nova Scotia and is one the one of the oldest breweries in North America. According to wikipeida, they became distribution in the US back in April. While Keith’s may not be Nova Scotia’s best beer, they have a soft spot in my heart ever since Carolyn and I went on the brewery tour when we were in Nova Scotia.

To me, Keith’s is a lot like Yuengling. An old brewery that is still putting out some good beer. It is not as good as the craft beers coming out, but it is a lot better than the mass market varieties. It is a good beer, with an old tradition and it proves Canada brews more than Molson.

If you are looking for something a little fancier, Nova Scotia still has you covered. I really liked the beers from Garrison and Propeller. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them stateside yet. Here’s to hoping, and I will keep on enjoying my Keats even if they do.




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  1. If you like craft/local beers you should check out this documentary- Beer Wars that was made about how hard it is for the small breweries to survive. It was definitely eye opening and now I found myself a bit more pickier about beer! =)

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