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Taipei – Markets

I was in Taipei, Taiwan last week for a conference. I got to sneak away for a little to adventure and check out the food scene. While there are normal supermarkets and restaurant, it was more fun to check out the local Night Markets and Wet Markets. The night market near where I was staying, was long street with vendor stalls on either side. They prepared snack and meals right in front of you, some looked much more appetizing than others.

I stumbled across the local wet market while I was out wandering one day. It is in a long single story building and looks like it has the freshest meat, fish and vegetables you can find. A local cooking instructor has a good overview of the markets. I wanted to take a class from her, but didn’t have time.

It was amazing how much closer people were to their food in Taiwan. I think people wanted to see the meat cut right before them or the dish they were going to eat prepared in front of them. Maybe they are more concerned that they are getting what they paid for and that it is high quality, where as here we would rather be removed from the process and would prefer for everything to happen in the back in a supposedly sterile environment. It was really interesting seeing the preference for being involved rather than removed.

Tong Hua Night Market
Tong Hua Street, Taipei, Taiwan 106

Cheng Gong Market
成功市場 臺北市大安區四維路192巷內 上午7時30分至下午2時 
Lane 192, SìWéi Rd, Da-an District, Taipei City
Near Far Eastern Hotel
7:30am – 2:00pm

Night Market

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Wet Market

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  1. Hi, my B&B is in Lane 126, Sec 1, Da-an Rd, would I able go to Cheng Gong Market located in Lane 192, Siwei Rd by foot? If not, what bus should I take?


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