Choco-Bananas Are Serbian Sweetness

One of the perks of living in DC is the international flair. Every year or so, the different embassies hold open houses and let the public come in for tours. They also usually put out little treats. While the rums & cokes from were awesome, I really loved these choco-banana candies from the Serbian Embassy. After doing a little bit of Internet research, it looks like they are made by Takovo SwissLion. They have a fluffy banana center and are dipped in chocolate. Unfortunately I haven’t seen them in stores, but I did come across a distributor who had them at the Fancy Food Show.

Does anyone know where to find them in the DC area?IMG_8464.jpg

4 thoughts on “Choco-Bananas Are Serbian Sweetness

  1. Hello!
    I am from Serbia, and I must tell you, you’ve been missing out. The SwissLion bananas are great and all, but the ones that Stark makes.. (I’m sorry, there doesn’t seem to be an English version for now, don’t know what that’s all about…)
    Well, in short, they’re the “original” ones, but it always depends on who you ask, of course. It’s all marketing these days, and there are a lot of similar products made by small companies, and not all of them taste quite as good. (And I do take into consideration that the one most advertised is not always the best!)

    Anyway, if you really want to get a kick out of these chocolate wonders, then I strongly advise you to make these rolls:
    If you’re really interested, I can translate it into English for you. Chocolate bananas are a passion that needs to be shared. :)

    • I would love to have this recipe translated to English…I think my husband, who was born in Yugoslavia would love these and I would like to surprise him. Thank you.

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