Japanese Octopus Snacks

I picked up this snack from my favorite grocery store in DC, Hana Japanese market. They have an amazingly good selection of Japanese products given the size of the store and staff is nice and helpful… and they are on Twitter!

It is pretty easy to figure out what this snack is… it is very clearly octopus. The mysterious thing about this snack is how they managing to preserve them. The octopus have a texture similar to cooked ones and are definitely not dried. They are sold on the shelf though and don’t have any indication that they need to be refrigerated. Clearly the Japanese have managed to create a shelf stable, cooked octopus snack. Ever more impressive, it is still tasty.

If anyone has any insights on how they are preserved or the name of this style of snack, please let us know!

2 thoughts on “Japanese Octopus Snacks

  1. I bought these today at the Asian supermarket and also wondered myself how they managed to preserve these… They taste ok, I feel like I can taste less octopus and more preservatives. I ended up putting them in a bowl of ramen.

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