Lambcetta and Lamb-L-Ts

With all the bacon loving going on, I surprised it has taken me so long to come across bacon made out of something else besides pork. I found lamb bacon recently at the most excellent White House Farmers’ Market. Pancetta is an Italian style of bacon. Unlike American bacon, it is not smoked and instead of being in a flat slab it is rolled up into a cylinder.


This lamb bacon is labeled as Lambcetta and it is between the American and Italian style. It is pretty heavily smoked, but is rolled up like pancetta. I think they decided to roll it up because the cut of meat is a bit thinner than the one from pork.


The predominate flavor is smokiness with a fair amount of salt, but I think you can taste the lamb. With all the smoky, saltiness it isn’t best to have it as a standalone side. I decided to try it is a sandwich instead and that is where it really shined. Because of the Lambcetta’s extra smokey meaty flavor, I was able to got with a little more flavor in the other items. I went for some potato bread and arugula. All of this combined to make a great summer sandwich.


If you would like to acquire a little lamb-bacon of your own, swing by the White House Farmers’ Market in DC one Thursday and stop by the Garden Path Farms‘ stand. They also have a store if you are ever in Newburg, PA, on a Friday… because they are only open on Fridays.


I still have about a quarter of a pound left. My current thought on how to use it is: a butterflied leg of lamb, all wrapped up in Lambcetta. It would be an extra lamby delight. Do anyone of you out there in blog-land have a better idea on how to use it?

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