Lambcetta and Lamb-L-Ts

With all the bacon loving going on, I surprised it has taken me so long to come across bacon made out of something else besides pork. I found lamb bacon recently at the most excellent White House Farmers’ Market. Pancetta is an Italian style of bacon. Unlike American bacon, it is not smoked and instead […]
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Farm Fresh Eggs

During the winter months our local farmer’s market shuts down. Star Hollow Farm, however, still has CSA pickup and some basics like their farm fresh eggs. The eggs they have are amazing and so much better than anything you can get in the stores, including fancy Whole Foods eggs. The eggs I get from them […]
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Farmers’ Market: June ’08

I had a good haul from the farmers’ market a couple of weeks ago, but I have been pretty lazy about getting the photos online. I should really work on streamlining the process so things don’t sit around. Anyhow, without further ado, I present…Farmers’ Market! Tri-Colored Carrots Garlic Greens Garlic Scapes


Farmers’ Market Photos

Our farmers’ market is finally back in full swing. Right now it is mostly young greens and root vegetables, but they also have some hot house tomatoes that beat the cardboard versions we were getting from Safeway. Purple Scallions – Deep Purple Bunching (I think)


Tri-Colored Beets

I just got these wonderful beets from the local farmer’s market. They were fresh out of the ground and still had the greens attached and a little dirt on them. We roasted them and they were good!

Farmer’s Market Finds: August 25th

Good haul from the Farmer’s market… again! I don’t know what we will do in the winter. There is a chance we will start to get sick of having a wide variety of fresh tomatoes and squash almost at our doorstep, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Farmer’s Market: August 11th

Being able to walk out the door and around the corner to get to my local market has been a real treat. It is always a bit of an adventure, you are never quite sure what will be peaking. This week the tomatoes were king. One farm was quoting that 10 different types were available. […]
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Market Report: August 4th

A fun trip to the beach prevented me from making it the Adams Morgan Farmers’ Market (is it Farmers’ or Farmer’s?, anyhow…). I was back with a vengeance this Saturday though. Tomatoes are definitely hitting full stride. The heirloom were finally peaking, and man are they good. I also got a pint of cherry and […]
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Market Report: July, 21st

I try to go to my local Farmer’s Market in Adams Morgan every Saturday, but plans always seem to get in the way. I was lucky, and made it this week. Things are definitely starting to shape up. There was a lot less squash and a lot more tomatoes. I got a bunch of grape […]
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