Farmers’ Market Photos

Our farmers’ market is finally back in full swing. Right now it is mostly young greens and root vegetables, but they also have some hot house tomatoes that beat the cardboard versions we were getting from Safeway.

Purple ScallionsDeep Purple Bunching (I think)


Button Mushrooms


Hot house grown tomato

The Photo Setup

So I thought I would also include something a little different with this post–the setup of the photographic equipment I used to take the photos. I took these series of photos in our 2nd bedroom / computer room / den. The food is on a piece of matt board I had laying around after I did some framing. I used a folding work table to place everything on. The food is backlit by a Nikon SB-24 firing into a small Photoflex softbox. The front lighting comes from another SB-24 on lightstand firing through a white umbrella. Both flashes are set to 1/8th power, however the softbox is much more efficient and provides a stronger light. The camera is set to 100 ISO with an f-stop of 9.5. I will keep posting setup descriptions every now and then…as I remember to take them.


5 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market Photos

  1. WOW! Gorgeous photos! I love Farmers Market, so full of colors and unusual veggies you wouldn’t otherwise find at a supermarket. Thank you for your information on photography. I am just starting a new hobby in photography and am looking at the Nikon D80… I wondered, since you do such wonderful photos, would you know anything about it? Thanks so much! Please keep those beautiful photos coming! It makes me want to run to Farmers Market now!

  2. Thank you for all the interest! I will pull together another post on photography and some links to the equipment I am using. I have a start: here. is a great site and I pretty much learned everything from there.

  3. These cool toys are exactly what I need! My photos are crappy I guess aside from my lack of talent, is lack of light. I usually take my pictures in the late afternoon after I get from work. Can you please be kind and provide me information on where to buy this and how much they cost?
    Thanks a lot!!

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