Strobist – Learn to use a flash

Using a flash for food photography has gotten a bad rap in food blogging circles. This is because people only try using the flash on their camera. If you use an off camera flash you can recreate any type of lighting. The techniques you need to learn in order to control the light from flashes […]
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Food Photography: Camera Distance

Perspective distortion can be a tricky subject to understand; luckily it is easier to see than explain. It is directly related to the distance between the subject and the camera. The distortion occurs from trying to take a 3-D world and mapped it into a 2-D plane in the camera. If you take a photo […]
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Food Photography: Soft and Hard Light

Photography is all about light. Because of this, photographers have many ways to talk about light. One of the most important ways of describing light is how hard or soft it is. The softness of a light determines what kind of shadow the light creates. Hard light creates shadows that have very distinct edges. The […]
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Food Photography: Depth of Field

I keep meaning to do a long post on food photography, but never seem to get around to it. I started one here, but never really finished it. Posts on food photography is one of New Years resolutions, so now I have no choice but to do it! I am going to change my plan […]
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Our Favorite Photos From 2008

We have gone through the thousands of photos Luke took this past year and selected some of our favorites. They have been uploaded into a fancy looking Flash gallery, thanks to the Lightroom Software. We usually end up with lots of good photos that never get posted, or get posted in too small a size […]
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Food Photography With Flashes and Favas

I started a long and rambling post on food photography here, but I thought I would start trying to add a few posts on what goes on behind the scenes here at Cookography. I took these photos back when I was working on my post on fava beans and how much they suck. I am […]
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Farmers’ Market Photos

Our farmers’ market is finally back in full swing. Right now it is mostly young greens and root vegetables, but they also have some hot house tomatoes that beat the cardboard versions we were getting from Safeway. Purple Scallions – Deep Purple Bunching (I think)