Food Flash Photography: Seamless White Background

I feel bad that I have been posting so much about our trip to Vermont. I thought I would slip this post in to break things up a bit. Have no fear, only a couple more posts to go on Vermont. That is what I am telling myself.

This is a picture of a head of purplish cauliflower that I picked up at our farmers’ market. The shiny surface is made possible thanks to a huge piece of tile board that we hauled back from Home Depot last weekend. This sucker was 4′ x 8′. Luckily we used ZipCar and got a truck. It was still a beast to carry. Anyhow, there is a great tutorial on how to do this style of photography, seamless white background, here. That is where I got the idea to pick up a piece of “Budget White Tile Board” as they call it at Home Depot. It was actually a pain to find. In our store it was located in the Molding Aisle, Aisle 23. The tutorial focuses on photographing people, but it can be easily adapted. I am still working on getting this technique down. I will post again with a number of different shots and light positions. Stay tuned!

Here is the setup I used. Basic principal is: have the background brighter than the foreground to blow out the highlights and have it appear all white.


7 thoughts on “Food Flash Photography: Seamless White Background

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  2. That seems like a great way to do it, but in my opinion the shadow/reflection looks a bit too intense.

    If I were shooting it, I might try a somewhat less reflective material for the base, but I’m an amateur and haven’t even tried a shoot like this.

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