Farmers’ Market Photos

Our farmers’ market is finally back in full swing. Right now it is mostly young greens and root vegetables, but they also have some hot house tomatoes that beat the cardboard versions we were getting from Safeway. Purple Scallions – Deep Purple Bunching (I think)


Smoked Paprika, aka Pimenton de la Vera

Pimenton is a smoked version of paprika, which is ground up red bell peppers. It isn’t really something new… all you cool kids out there have been playing with this for a while. It used to be sort of hard to find smoked paprika. Luckily for us lazy guys, it is becoming increasingly easier to […]
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California Garlic

After reading this article in the Washington Post, I started paying attention to whether I was buying Chinese garlic or not. I had a bit of luck when my local farmer’s market was in season. Towards the end of the season they always had locally grown hardneck garlic. I had no luck, however, finding anything […]
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Garden Peach: The Fuzzy Tomato

What if I was to tell you that there a tomato that was fuzzy? Well it is true! I got a few of them yesterday. The are small, yellow and have a fuzzy skin. We simply sliced them and added a little salt and olive oil. They have a mild flavor, but they contrast nicely […]
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Farmer’s Market Finds: August 25th

Good haul from the Farmer’s market… again! I don’t know what we will do in the winter. There is a chance we will start to get sick of having a wide variety of fresh tomatoes and squash almost at our doorstep, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

How NOT to make cultured butter

It seems like the new cool thing to do on the web is make your own butter… and not just regular butter, but cultured butter. In order to make butter you have to take a bunch of cream and then whip it until the butter fat separates from the liquid in the cream. In order […]
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Sloe Gin

When Carolyn and I were in Edinburgh we visited a shop named Demijohn that sold liquids. They had everything from olive oil, to vinegar, to liquors. You pick out one of their cool bottles and they will fill it with a liquid of your choice. We got a raspberry vinegar, an olive oil and sloe […]
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Adagio Tea Starter Set

I got the great Adagio Start Set for my birthday this year. The starter set includes 4 tins of tea, a book on tea and the awesome IngenuiTEA teapot. You can get the starter with green, black or flavored teas. The teapot is the real star here, it is designed for loose teas like the […]
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Farm Fresh Food: June 11th

My work has a weekly Farmer’s Market every Tuesday. There is only one farm so the selection varies a lot each week. Whatever is fresh and got picked that day, is what gets sold. The photo above is of a basket of baby squash I got. Sauted with a little butter, olive oil and salt, […]
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Cowgirl Creamery Comes To DC

Cowgirl Creamery just opened their second cheese store… and it is in Washington DC. We went to go scope it out and get some goodies! Cowgirl Creamery is among the top American cheese producers. They make award winning soft cow milk cheese. They are best known for their Mt. Tam cheese, which I have seen […]
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