Garden Peach: The Fuzzy Tomato

What if I was to tell you that there a tomato that was fuzzy? Well it is true! I got a few of them yesterday. The are small, yellow and have a fuzzy skin. We simply sliced them and added a little salt and olive oil. They have a mild flavor, but they contrast nicely with other varieties of tomatoes. I am not quite sure of the variety, but Google tells this is pretty close. It is definitely a pretty rare variety and a nice way to mix it up.



One thought on “Garden Peach: The Fuzzy Tomato

  1. When my husband told me he had furry tomatoes I too had to come Google it. I’m growing the genetically engineered variety, but am hoping to get some of the fuzzy tomato seeds and keep them as heirloom seeds. I have a feeling our kids are gonna need some non-genetically engineered seeds later on down the time tunnel…

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