Michelle Obama Makes Farmers’ Market Shopping More Fun


One of the great benefits of living in DC are all the unexpected adventures. The opening of a farmers’ market two block from my office ends up being a press event with First Lady Michelle Obama, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack and DC Mayor Adrian Fenty showing up…along with plenty of metal detectors and trench-coated Secret Service officers. It was an odd combination of “In the Line of Fire” meets “Babe the Pig.”


This White House Market was setup by FreshFarm Markets. I walked by the market on the way to a meeting and twittered (@Cookography) about all the metal detectors being setup. The FreshFarm Folks (@FRESHFARMMktsDC) tweeted right back with the tip. Twitter is clearly a powerful tool!


It was a great event and everyone who spoke talked about the importance of sustainable agriculture and accessible good food. Clearly there is a real change a foot when you see this level of attention being paid to improving the food we eat and the way we produce it. Of course compared to the goliath Ag industry, it is a very small gesture, but hopefully it represents a real shift in the way the nation looks at the importance of food.

DC Rules!




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