Eggs With A Summer Hash

Summer Hash-7087-600px.jpg

There isn’t much to this recipe, but some nights that is not a bad thing. This recipe got “invented” one night when we were too lazy to cook much but we had veggies to use up. The result was a dilly summer hash top with a pair of fried eggs. It may sound a little crazy, but just think of it as a deconstructed quiche.

I am not going to bother typing up a recipe, this is supposed to be a quick and easy. The basic concept is taking a bunch of summer squash and even dicing them along with an onion. Saute the mixture with a good bit of butter, adding a healthy pinch of salt or two. After the vegetables have become tender add in a lot of minced, fresh herbs. I used dill, but I think you can get creative depending on what you have on hand. After you got this all mixed together, plate it and then fry up some eggs to place on top.

This recipe isn’t too crazy, but sometimes you don’t need to be in order to have good eats.

Summer Hash-7095-600px.jpg

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