Kabocha Squash with Sausage and Apples

Now that it’s fall, lots of squash is popping up in our farmers’ market. We picked up two Kabocha squash, which are actually available year round. Kabocha is a Japanese variety of winter squash, but it has become to mean any squash in the buttercup family. You can use Kabocha squash in any recipe that […]
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Eggs With A Summer Hash

There isn’t much to this recipe, but some nights that is not a bad thing. This recipe got “invented” one night when we were too lazy to cook much but we had veggies to use up. The result was a dilly summer hash top with a pair of fried eggs. It may sound a little […]
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Butternut Squash Pizza

I know what you’re thinking, butternut squash on pizza??? We were skeptical as well, but the pictures accompanying the recipe looked too good to pass up. We are hopeful that our own photos will inspire you to try this recipe, as well! Verdict: the sweetness of the butternut squash and the dryness of the ricotta […]
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Pan Sauteed Tiny, Baby Squash

Last weekend we couldn’t help but pick-up a carton of these adorable baby squash. They were tiny, about the size of a finger. To cook them, I cut off the stem and then halved them. We heated up a pan over medium heat with olive oil and then cooked them, cut side down, until they […]
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Farmer’s Market Finds: August 25th

Good haul from the Farmer’s market… again! I don’t know what we will do in the winter. There is a chance we will start to get sick of having a wide variety of fresh tomatoes and squash almost at our doorstep, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Market Watch: July 30th

I good stuff last week at the farmers market. Looks like squash and cucumbers are starting to come strong with lots of fun varieties. Yellow Crookneck Squash Green Pattypan Squash Yellow Pattypan Squash Miniature white cucumbers Kirby Cucumbers