Eggs With A Summer Hash

There isn’t much to this recipe, but some nights that is not a bad thing. This recipe got “invented” one night when we were too lazy to cook much but we had veggies to use up. The result was a dilly summer hash top with a pair of fried eggs. It may sound a little […]
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Weekend Eggs

Carolyn and I have a weekend tradition of making open face, fried egg “sandwiches.” They are more of fork-and-knife deal rather than dainty little affairs. They are a lot easier (and tastier) to make with fresh farm eggs. I like getting eggs from the farmers’ market on Saturday; their freshness is noticeable. The yolk of […]
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Baked Egg “Mc” Muffins

These are the real Egg McMuffins! They are actual muffins with baked eggs in them. Not only are they tasty, but they are quick and easy to make in the morning. This all made possible thanks to the techniques from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, where you make a big batch of dough […]
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Toaster Baked Egg-2009.jpg

Toaster Oven Baked Eggs

A while back we tried baked eggs and found a versatile dish that was a keeper. The only drawback with our original version is that you have to turn on the oven, even if you just baking two eggs. Sort of seems like a waste, doesn’t it? Luckily we have a toaster oven and the […]
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Roasted Red Pepper and Ricotta Frittata

We decided not to go out for Easter Brunch, but instead to make something fun at home. We have “make a quiche and a souffle” on our list of culinary resolutions; a frittata is in a similar vein. Since it’s Easter it seemed like a good time to give it a try. Also, we made […]
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Farm Fresh Eggs

During the winter months our local farmer’s market shuts down. Star Hollow Farm, however, still has CSA pickup and some basics like their farm fresh eggs. The eggs they have are amazing and so much better than anything you can get in the stores, including fancy Whole Foods eggs. The eggs I get from them […]
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Poached Eggs Atop Mixed Greens

After trying the recipe for Soft-Boiled Eggs with a Miso Lemon dressing, I realized two things: Soft boiling eggs is a pain. They are tough to peel! The dressing is amazing. Reacting to these two realities, I came up with this dish. Instead of soft-boiling the eggs, I poached them. We got these great egg […]
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Baked Eggs w/ Cheese, Tomatoes & Bacon

This post represents a first for me…it is the first time I posted the same day I cooked something. Usually I am pretty lazy and there is a week or even a month between cooking and posting. I am going to try and get better about that, or just stop worrying about writing witty things […]
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Soft Boiled Eggs with Miso, Lemon Dressing

When I came across this recipe on CookThink, I thought it looked a little weird. Miso, egg and lemon don’t really seem like a natural combo. I had everything needed lying around, however, so I thought I would give it a try–and since I am posting here, it clearly was tasty. Miso and lemon actually […]
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