Steak Night

Buried deep in the genetic code of all dudes (except vegetarians) is a love of meat. The meatiest of meats is cow…or maybe lamb, um no, cow is better. So when Carolyn goes on a trip for work what better time to cook up a nice, thick steak? Of course I didn’t get any old steak, I got a nice dry aged NY Strip steak from Whole Foods. While this was not the best steak I have had…it was still pretty expensive, way too much for corn feed beef. The dry aged version was $2 more a pound. While you can dry age steak in your own fridge, it takes at least a day and I didn’t have time to waste. For me the dry aging was money well spent.

One of the best places to get steak in DC is Wagshal’s Market. You can actually get Prime beef there, unlike the Choice that everyone else has. Also, they are real butchers…not just styrofoam tray jockeys.

To cook up the streak I followed my tried and true method for cooking steak. Well, I almost followed the recipe…I over cooked it in the oven a little too much. It ended up being more “medium” than “medium-rare.” Lesson learned, take the steak out a little early and check…just in case. I also seared it a little too long on the stove. Get the pan hot and sear away. Stop a little early though because after cooking in the oven the steak is already well on its way to being done.

Looking for some “steaky” reading? Try these on for size:






2 thoughts on “Steak Night

  1. Wagshals is worth the trip… but it really is a hike! It is out on MA ave out near AU. I know it would be great to have a real butcher in the AM. The Harris Teeter is a nice addition. I think they cut their own primals there, but the meat isn’t quite Whole Foods level. We used to live in Cleveland Park, so we got spoiled when Pam the Butcher used to work at Brookville.

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