Guest Chef: Garam Masala Steak Quesadillas

Our friend Matt just turned 30. As our birthday present to him, we let him cook us dinner. We’re such good friends. Matt grew up eating Indian food. Most of the time his dad used components of garam masala, like cinnamon, in his cooking, but he rarely used garam masala itself. A few months ago, […]
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Steak Tacos

In our neighborhood in DC there is a great taco truck that comes every weekend. The one downside is that it’s tough waiting a whole week in between taco fixes. The solution…make them at home! Of course they can not be as good as the magical tacos from the truck, but they’ll still be pretty […]
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Steak Night

Buried deep in the genetic code of all dudes (except vegetarians) is a love of meat. The meatiest of meats is cow…or maybe lamb, um no, cow is better. So when Carolyn goes on a trip for work what better time to cook up a nice, thick steak? Of course I didn’t get any old […]
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Pan Seared Steaks

Steak is one of the most basic dishes you can make. All you do is lightly oil, season and apply some heat. A good steak has a nice crust to it, that is not charred and should be tender and just done in the center. You would think it would be hard to mess up, […]
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