Steak Night

Buried deep in the genetic code of all dudes (except vegetarians) is a love of meat. The meatiest of meats is cow…or maybe lamb, um no, cow is better. So when Carolyn goes on a trip for work what better time to cook up a nice, thick steak? Of course I didn’t get any old […]
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Kim’s Yummy Pasta

Kim is our friend. And this is actually her grandmother’s recipe. It’s a very old school Italian dish—hearty and filling. Perfect for a fall or winter evening. The main ingredients (besides the pasta) are carrots, celery and onions, which is the classic combination for starting any soup or meat dish. So, while you may not […]
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Beef Chili with Beans

We tried out this chili recipe over the winter and I have been meaning to get it up here. It is not that it was bad–the chili came out great–I am just lazy. This chili is not to spicy but has just enough kick. There are a lot of ingredients that go into this chili, […]
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Pan Seared, Thick Cut Steak

I am a steak fan, so when ever I come across a new recipe for steaks I give it a try. The previous recipe I posted here gives great results, but I am always up for trying something new. When I came across this recipe in Cook’s Illustrated I had to try it. The recipe […]
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Hearty Beef Stew

Beef stew is an amazingly good dish that unfortunately has fallen out of popularity. This may be because people have had so many bad beef stews with overcook meat and vegetables. A good stew will have a thick savory broth and tender beef. The vegetables should still have a little fight left in them and […]
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Pan Seared Steaks

Steak is one of the most basic dishes you can make. All you do is lightly oil, season and apply some heat. A good steak has a nice crust to it, that is not charred and should be tender and just done in the center. You would think it would be hard to mess up, […]
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