Farm Fresh Eggs

During the winter months our local farmer’s market shuts down. Star Hollow Farm, however, still has CSA pickup and some basics like their farm fresh eggs. The eggs they have are amazing and so much better than anything you can get in the stores, including fancy Whole Foods eggs. The eggs I get from them […]
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Steak Tacos

In our neighborhood in DC there is a great taco truck that comes every weekend. The one downside is that it’s tough waiting a whole week in between taco fixes. The solution…make them at home! Of course they can not be as good as the magical tacos from the truck, but they’ll still be pretty […]
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Chicken Curry Wrap

I saw this recipe for chicken curry salad on Simply Recipes and it reminded me of a great chicken curry wrap I had a while ago. Next, I was at the supermarket, grabbed supplies and gave it a try. I have never really cooked with curry before; I am a bit of a wimp when […]
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Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Sandwiches

Smoked salmon and goat cheese better be dating because they work so well together. The creamy tartness of the goat cheese is a great compliment to the smoky, salty-ness of the salmon. I first tried this sandwich at the wonderful Cowgirl Creamery cheese shop in DC. They make two random types of sandwiches a day, […]
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Bricked-Chicken & Pesto Sandwich

When you cook a 4 lb chicken for two people, you are bound to have a few left overs. Don’t sweat it though! Take those left overs, pick-out the bones and skin and then roughly chop up and the big pieces of chicken. Toss the chicken in a skillet and slightly brown it. Now cut […]
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Ham & Cheese Sandwich With Sauteed Mushrooms

Our panini press makes every sandwich just a little better. Even peanut butter sandwiches. This started out as a sort of boring ham and cheese sandwich. But adding sauteed mushrooms and pressing made it into a super sandwich. Add some tomato soup on the side and you have dinner! The mushrooms were sauteed with some […]
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BBQ Chicken Sandwich

This is one of the many dishes I made from a big batch of poached chicken I cooked up earlier in the week. It is an original creation that I sort of threw together, and it turned out great. I wanted to pair the sandwich fixings with the flavor of the BBQ sauce. I added […]
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Easy Cubano Sandwiches

Cubano sandwiches are great… but who has roast pork loin and Cuban bread lying around? You can still capture alot of what makes these sandwiches great if you just leave those ingredients out and use some more common ones. Pressing this sandwich is part of what makes it great. We have a panini press, but […]
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