Bricked-Chicken & Pesto Sandwich

When you cook a 4 lb chicken for two people, you are bound to have a few left overs. Don’t sweat it though! Take those left overs, pick-out the bones and skin and then roughly chop up and the big pieces of chicken. Toss the chicken in a skillet and slightly brown it. Now cut some bread and add fix’ns.

For our sandwiches ( If you just said “Sammies” in your head, punch yourself in the face. It will help prevent you from doing this in the future. Your Welcome. ) we mixed some pesto with mayonnaise, plucked a few leaves of basil, cut the cheese (it is acceptable to laugh internally at “cutting the cheese”, I don’t care how old you are, it never gets old.) and then we went to town making some Sammies. (Ha! Deal with it!)

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