King Arthur Flour Store…King Me!

King Arthur Flour Store

135 Route 5 South
Norwich, Vermont 05055
phone: 802.649.3361

Part of: Vermont 08 – Cheese & Tasty Things Tour

Once you get into baking you come across King Arthur Flour and give it a try. Depending on where you buy it, it is only a little bit more expensive than regular flour and always delivers great results. King Arthur tries to foster a baking culture; they have a baking tour that travels the country teaching people about baking. They also have an amazing blog that not only has great recipes, but is also a great read. They are also not new to this–they have been making flour since 1790 and is America’s oldest flour company. All of this makes the King Arthur HQ and Store a bit like nirvana for a baker.


Their store has a ridiculous number of cooking implements and ingredients. Also, for those with more time and/or money, they also offer classes and full blown professional courses. All and all, a very impressive place that is well worth the visit. I walked away without doing too much damage to our finances. We only got a silicon mat for rolling out dough and baking mixes for our parents. I did pick up a catalog though so their could be some future damage.


Of course, being the goof that I am, I had to take a photo on the King Arthur throne.


Also, I made a mistake when I originally wrote down the address. I typed it into the GPS and this is where we ended up. Don’t worry, the correct address is posted above.



PJ’s comment just reminded me that I forgot to include one of the best things about King Arthur, and probably one of the most import things for everyone not making it up to Vermont anytime soon… They have a baking blog and tons of recipes online! The name of their blog is Bakers’ Banter and they try out recipes and report back on the results… all with a healthy dose of character and wit. I have subscribed to it for a bit and found tons of recipes I keep meaning to try. Here are the top 3 that I starred in Google Reader, and really will get around to trying.

A bonus read is a baking tests with the easy bake oven. Check out their blog. Seriously, you will leave hungry, but energized to try making something.

3 thoughts on “King Arthur Flour Store…King Me!

  1. PJ – Thanks for stopping by. I am a huge fan of Bakers’ Banter and I can’t believe I left it out my post. I just updated it. Thanks for the great Blog you guys write and the great baking products.

  2. Luke, you look GREAT on the throne! Glad you enjoyed your visit, and we look forward to seeing you again. And thanks for all the kind words about us you’ve posted here… PJ Hamel, blogger/test baker, on behalf of my fellow 166 employees at King Arthur Flour

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