Massachusetts Bakes Better Bread

When we visit Massachusetts, we always try to stop by some of the great bakeries there. For some reason there aren’t that many places to get great bread in DC. I am sure some people are going to chime in about Marvelous Market, Firehook, or Le Pain Quandant, and they do turn out decent breads. […]
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Pizza Stones – What You Need to Know

We lost a good friend a couple days ago… our pizza stone. It had survived 2 moves and plenty of good bread baking and pizza making. I think what may have finally done it in was a leaking calzone. I tried making calzone and I made the second one up too soon so the dough […]
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Epic Bread Baking: The Miche

I know the phrase “Epic” is totally played out and is tossed around way too easily, but seriously how else do you describe a 4 pound loaf of bread that is over a foot and a half across. If a loaf that large is not considered Epic, what would be? The name for this large […]
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Forget the loaves… make Rolls!

There is a secret all of the bread loaf recipe writer don’t want you to know: You can use those very same recipes to make Rolls! Thats right, you could have been making glorious Rolls this whole time instead of boring old loafs. What a shame. So here is the deal, during the last phase […]
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Sourdough Success

One of my favorite baking blogs is Baker’s Banter, which is written by the fine folks up at King Arthur Flour. I know I am only one sentence in, but I am going to side track onto flour prices… and food prices in general. KA flour is definitely more expensive. I can get a 5lbs […]
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No Knead Bread, Baked in a Flower Pot

So I know I am a little late to the “No-Knead Bread” party, but I am now a believer. I just got Lahey’s new book, My Bread. He is the guy that popularized this method. I know there is tons of stuff out there on making no-knead, but sometimes I just like books better. In […]
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Toaster Baked Egg-2009.jpg

Toaster Oven Baked Eggs

A while back we tried baked eggs and found a versatile dish that was a keeper. The only drawback with our original version is that you have to turn on the oven, even if you just baking two eggs. Sort of seems like a waste, doesn’t it? Luckily we have a toaster oven and the […]
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Popover – Success!

As you may remember, we had a little trouble with popovers last time we tried. Luckily we don’t give up easily. Our latest attempt was a lot more successful. I am not sure what the difference was, but this time I was careful not to over-beat the batter. Give it a try and let us […]
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