Vermont Cheese Tour – June 2008

As part of a week-long visit to Massachusetts, we spent a day and a half driving through the countryside of Vermont tasting cheese, visiting local businesses, and sampling Vermont beer. It was great!! Here is a post-by-post recap of our trip…which actually started in Massachusetts with Fried Clams and Necco Wafers. Hurray for summer vacations!

Day 3

Fried Clams with the Belly in Ipswich, MA and Coffee Cake Muffins

Day 4

A long-awaited visit to the Necco Wafer Factory Store in Revere, MA

Day 5

Find out where we ate lunch and dinner (and spent the night)

King Arthur Flour Store

Water Buffalo Mozzarella

Long Trail Brewery

Frog City Cheese – Almost

Day 6

Crowley Cheese

J.K. Adams cutting boards

Grafton Village Cheddar