Ham & Cheese Crepes

The final post in my Crepe Trilogy is on savory crepes. Savory crepes make for an awesome sandwich. This recipe calls for cooking the crepes in the oven, which gets the outside of the crepes nice and crispy. With the melty cheese and salty ham, it is an irresistible treat. The best part is that […]
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Crepes are Easy!

Crepes have traditionally been a “going out food” – food that you think is so tricky that you only get it at restaurants. Deep fried whole fish is another good example of “going out food.” Crepes on the other hand are surprisingly easy to make and tough to screw up. The only tricky part is […]
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The Best French Onion Soup (…ever!)

The last recipe I posted for French Onion soup was from Cook’s Illustrated and the soup came out great. So when I saw that they had an updated recipe, I had to give it a try. The big change between the recipes was that the updated version calls for caramelizing the onions in the oven […]
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Beef Chili with Beans

We tried out this chili recipe over the winter and I have been meaning to get it up here. It is not that it was bad–the chili came out great–I am just lazy. This chili is not to spicy but has just enough kick. There are a lot of ingredients that go into this chili, […]
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Butternut Squash Pizza

I know what you’re thinking, butternut squash on pizza??? We were skeptical as well, but the pictures accompanying the recipe looked too good to pass up. We are hopeful that our own photos will inspire you to try this recipe, as well! Verdict: the sweetness of the butternut squash and the dryness of the ricotta […]
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Pumpkin Gnocchi With Sage Butter

Gnocchi can be a scary… but really it is one of the simplest pastas out there. The only complicated part is baking the potatoes needed for traditional gnocchi. However if you use canned pumpkin puree you can make delicious, colorful gnocchi in no time at all. After boiling the gnocchi you can toss them with […]
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Pan Seared, Thick Cut Steak

I am a steak fan, so when ever I come across a new recipe for steaks I give it a try. The previous recipe I posted here gives great results, but I am always up for trying something new. When I came across this recipe in Cook’s Illustrated I had to try it. The recipe […]
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Thin Crust Pizza

Successfully making thin crust pizza at home is not an easy task. When I have tried before I end up with a crust that over cooked and cracker like, or one that is limp and under cooked. That is why I was so happy to see that Cook’s Illustrated had done some testing and made […]
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Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta is ridiculously easy… if you have the right tools. The very basics requirements are a mixing bowl, and a hand cranked pasta roller and cutter. It is pretty easy to mix up a pasta dough by hand, and it is even easier to just toss everything in the food processor and mix it. […]
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How to poach a chicken breast

Poached chicken is one of the most versatile things you can have sitting around in the fridge. Mix with a sauce and toss it in a sandwich. Add some dressing and place it on a salad. Throw it with some pasta and your done! Chicken Caesar Salad, Chicken quesadillas, Vietnamese chicken salad… Done, Done and […]
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