The 9 Lives of Paul the Octopus

One of my favorite dishes at Jaleo, a delicious Spanish restaurant in DC, is the pulpo a la gallega. It is a Galician dish of boiled octopus served with a generous amount of olive oil and pimenton. However, in thanks to the Soccer match predicting ability of Paul the Octopus, Jose Andres has taken octopus off the menu at Jaleo. It seems like a fitting tribute… I just hope it is not permanent!

We went to the Jaleo in DC to watch the Finals. It was a rocking party made extra crazy by the fact that it isn’t really a sports bar. Jose Andres had promised a round of champange if Spain won. We assume that happened because we had to take Elena home early and missed the winning goal by a couple of minutes. I am not a huge soccer fan, but that was the most fun I have had watching soccer… and who would have thought that that would happen at a tapas restaurant!

PS – Those rooting for the Netherlands, you can give our recipe for canned octopus a try!

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