Vint Cerf & Jose Andres – DC Rocks!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we sort of think Jose Andres is awesome. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to catch a talk given by Jose Andres & Vint Cerf (the guy who helped invent the internet). The talk was at Google DC, the place were Vint works, and […]
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The 9 Lives of Paul the Octopus

One of my favorite dishes at Jaleo, a delicious Spanish restaurant in DC, is the pulpo a la gallega. It is a Galician dish of boiled octopus served with a generous amount of olive oil and pimenton. However, in thanks to the Soccer match predicting ability of Paul the Octopus, Jose Andres has taken octopus […]
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Watch “Made in Spain” Online!

Ga-wow, this is very amazing! I just found out that you can watch all of Season 1 of Made in Spain online. If you remember correctly we are slightly obsessed and own both Season 1 and 2. However, for anyone out there who has yet to watch, give it a try! It is available on […]
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Jose Andres Makes Dining Fun

“Ga-wow, this is the most amazing dinner ever!” – Luke, pretending to be Jose Andres I was in LA for work this weekend and I got to check out Jose Andres’s newest restaurant, The Bazaar, which is in a brand new hotel called SLS. It was truly an amazing and entertaining experience. I wasn’t the […]
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A Very Jose Andres Christmas

We have already professed our love of Jose Andres – his restaurants, his food, his TV show etc. Well, between our birthdays (November and January) and Christmas we’re pretty much set with Jose Andres paraphernalia. Carolyn got the Made in Spain season 1 and 2 DVDs for her birthday from her brother. Then, we were […]
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