Salt Baked Pork Loin

The idea of roasting a pork loin in 5 lbs of salt may seem a little crazy, and that is because it is. The whole concept seems like it would doom the pork to be an over-salted piece of jerky. Amazingly though, it actually works! Salt roasting is actually a pretty versatile technique which would […]
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Roasted Romano Beans

When the farmer at the farmers’ market recommends something, he is usually right. Last week he recommended Romano beans. I had never tried them before so I thought I would give it a go. They are flatter and wider than green beans, but can be prepared the same way. We have since bought some two […]
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Broiled Chicken

Broiled chicken is the most spectacularly delicious dish. Dried out, boneless, skinless chicken breast has given chicken a bad. These days the standard chicken dish has no chicken flavor, it is usually boring white meat with other flavors added. Broiled or roasted chicken, however, is full of chicken flavor and soul. Roasting chicken pieces on […]
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Roasted Beets

I am not quite sure when beets are in season, but I just picked up two massive ones from the farmer’s market. We roasted both of them in oven, and they came out great. Roasting actually make the beets a lot easier to handle. They are really easy to peel after roasting and they give […]
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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This is the recipe that confirmed for me that Brussels sprouts are a tasty treat that have gotten a bad reputation. When I tried braising them they turned out good, roasting makes them great! Not only is this a tasty recipe, but it couldn’t be simpler. Roasted Brussels sprouts are completely different from soggy boiled […]
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Oven Fries – Quick & Simple

Making Oven Fries is a quick and easy way to cook up tasty root veggies. I have tried this basic recipe with carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes – with great results every time! The cook times with very based upon the veggie, and the size of the cut, but the basics are the same. The […]
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Pan Seared, Thick Cut Steak

I am a steak fan, so when ever I come across a new recipe for steaks I give it a try. The previous recipe I posted here gives great results, but I am always up for trying something new. When I came across this recipe in Cook’s Illustrated I had to try it. The recipe […]
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Garlic, Rosemary Roast Leg of Lamb

Some dishes take a little chutzpah to pull off. I think large roasts fall in this category. First off, buying a large enough amount of meat to roast usaully cost a lot of money. Secondly, when you make a roast you are usaully making it for a lot of people. This means if you mess […]
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Greek Style Shrimp

Before we went to Greece we took a class on Greek cooking at Sur La Table. It was a great class and we learned how to make 4 dishes. This is our favorite one. It is really easy to make and the flavor is great.

Pan Seared Steaks

Steak is one of the most basic dishes you can make. All you do is lightly oil, season and apply some heat. A good steak has a nice crust to it, that is not charred and should be tender and just done in the center. You would think it would be hard to mess up, […]
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