Chicken Piccata with Prosciutto

Chicken piccata is one of my favorite dishes, but surprisingly we had never made it before. It was part of our Culinary Resolutions for 2009, and it didn’t take us long before we could cross it off the list. I like this dish because it’s nice and lemony and buttery. Pure simplicity and deliciousness! Adding […]
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Roast Pork Tenderloin

I have been meaning to post this dish for a while, but the end of summer lazys got hold of me. There are so many reason to like this dish: Pork tenderloins are relatively cheap (and always seem to be on sale) The leftovers are great It is a snap to make I rolled my […]
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Broiled Chicken

Broiled chicken is the most spectacularly delicious dish. Dried out, boneless, skinless chicken breast has given chicken a bad. These days the standard chicken dish has no chicken flavor, it is usually boring white meat with other flavors added. Broiled or roasted chicken, however, is full of chicken flavor and soul. Roasting chicken pieces on […]
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Lemon, Chive & Chicken Pasta

This is a quick dish you can throw together in a hurry. It was inspired by a nice bunch of chives I picked up at the farmers’ market which I had no plans for. We used rotini, but fresh pasta would probably work better.


Lazy Northern Sausage & Grits

What I am about to present here will likely shock and shame any true Southerner. Whatever! I am a Masshole and freely butcher Southern classics as I please. My version of sausage and grits is quick and tasty and only requires one pan.


Buckwheat Crepes aka Galettes

Saveur is an amazing food magazine. Its articles manage to expertly capture the regions, stories and people behind food and recipes. In Washington, DC we have been having a wet and rainy Spring and it reminded of an article I read in Saveur on Brittany and buckwheat crepes or Galettes that they make there.


Neapolitan Pepperoni Pizza

I am going to go out a limb and say that there is no such thing as a bad pizza…hmm, well actually I have had plenty of bad pizza. Ok, so it might be more accurate to say that most pizza is pretty good. The pizza we made last weekend was a lot better than […]
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Fresh Pasta w/ Vodka Cream Sauce

We had a bunch of cream left over after making Kim’s Yummy Pasta and we were trying to come up with some ideas for dinner. After poking around our recipes we came across this recipe for a Vodka Cream Sauce. Instead of using boxed pasta we went for some fresh pasta. I read somewhere that […]
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Kim’s Yummy Pasta

Kim is our friend. And this is actually her grandmother’s recipe. It’s a very old school Italian dish—hearty and filling. Perfect for a fall or winter evening. The main ingredients (besides the pasta) are carrots, celery and onions, which is the classic combination for starting any soup or meat dish. So, while you may not […]
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