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Roasted Asparagus With Serrano Ham

It is Spring and that means it is asparagus season!! My favorite way to prepare asparagus it to simply drizzle it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then roast it under the broiler. We have directions for this on our last post on asparagus. It is really a great dish that is easy to […]
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Chicken Piccata with Prosciutto

Chicken piccata is one of my favorite dishes, but surprisingly we had never made it before. It was part of our Culinary Resolutions for 2009, and it didn’t take us long before we could cross it off the list. I like this dish because it’s nice and lemony and buttery. Pure simplicity and deliciousness! Adding […]
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Ham & Cheese Crepes

The final post in my Crepe Trilogy is on savory crepes. Savory crepes make for an awesome sandwich. This recipe calls for cooking the crepes in the oven, which gets the outside of the crepes nice and crispy. With the melty cheese and salty ham, it is an irresistible treat. The best part is that […]
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