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Top Chef Tour: Washington, DC

First, a disclaimer: We don’t have cable, so we don’t watch Top Chef on a regular basis. Sometimes we watch it at the gym though, and back when we had cable we watched Season 1 and 2. But, nonetheless, a celebrity sighting is always cool, especially when they come to your neighborhood!

Spike Mendelsohn, Season 4, and Carla Hall, Season 5, were cooking up a pork tortilla something in Adams Morgan on Saturday. We went down for the early demo at 10:30 am. Although we didn’t get seats under the tent, we had a good view from the side and were able to get some good photos. Even got autographs. Carla did most of the cooking, and Spike did the prep work.

Top Chef-2009-13.jpgTop Chef-2009-4.jpg Top Chef-2009-12.jpg Top Chef-2009-7.jpg Top Chef-2009-8.jpg Top Chef-2009-9.jpgTop Chef-2009-6.jpg Top Chef-2009-14.jpgTop Chef-2009-11.jpgTop Chef-2009-10.jpgTop Chef-2009-5.jpgTop Chef-2009-16.jpgTop Chef-2009-15.jpgTop Chef-2009-2.jpgUnfortunately, we did not get to try or witness the make-your-own smoothie by pedaling a bike.

Top Chef-2009-3.jpgPS – We stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast and to try the new McCafe. Ordered iced lattes, which took forever for them to make, and ended up being regular lattes, not iced. They tasted OK, but I think the Starbucks lattes are better. We have 2 coupons for free McCafe drinks, so we will give it another try, but based on this first experience, Starbucks has nothing to worry about!

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  1. I can not find the recipe for the pork dish Carla made anywhere! Are you able to locate it? She said it would be on the Bravo site but I have not seen it.

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