Culinary Resolutions – Updated!

This year we decided to come up with a list of culinary resolutions. It is really a list of things we keep meaning to get around to, but need to publish the list to make sure we actually do.

Anyhow, I just wanted to do a quick update on how we are doing and an also update the list of our friends who came up with culinary resolutions of their own.

So far we have managed to make chicken piccata and a lot of soup (more posts to come!). We also made a wheat berry dish, so that is a good start for eating more grains. Of course we will keep at it though and, while we did finally make it to Mama Ayesha, we still have to visit more local restaurants.

A bunch of other local bloggers and friends also came up with resolutions. Check them out, maybe they will inspire you to take on some challenging dishes or try something new.

  • Pete from Pete Bakes – I think I have to steal the item about visiting Thai X-ing. I am also jealous because his list got tons of comments! :)
  • Clay and Zach from The Bitten Word – First off, I think they have a great concept for a blog. They also came up with great list and I am really hoping they live up to the Short Rib resolution because it is the perfect weather for them.
  • Sarah from The District Domestic – Not only does Sarah have a great food website, but she also runs a custom stationary studio. One of the items she offers is a custom recipe box…very impressive!
  • Shaw Girl – is another local blogger that came up with a list and it looks like she has already redesigned her blog!
  • Katya from Second Dinner – Just posted her list, but it does seem impressive! Her baking is equally impressive.

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