Food Reading Roundup

Here are all the good food articles I have come across recently:

The Washington Post has a pretty in depth look at imported Garlic. Apparently the FDA and USDA do a pretty poor job of examining food imports. They go on to look at garlic imports, and how they have increased over the years. They also looked at how to tell imported garlic from US grown garlic.

They also have a short piece on Vapiano which is a new German chain for Italian food. Supposedly the pasta isn’t so good, but the pizza is worth the trip. There is another great piece comparing East vs West coast IPA beers. Apparently West coast IPAs have more in your face hop flavor. East coast IPAs follow more of the European tradition.

Also, looks like Gelatissimo in the Ronald Regan Building has biscotti that is worth the trip.

Not to be out done, the New York Times has some great material. It looks like the French government is change the rules for getting A.O.C. status for Camembert cheese. They are proposing allowing cheese made with pasturized milk to called Camembert.Mark Bittman, perhaps of the best food writers out there, has an article , a recipe, and a video on bean salads. Make sure you check out all of Bittman’s videos while you are over there, they are great.

There are also a lot of great recipes floating around on the web:

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