Favas Suck (-otash)!

Fava beans are a pain in the ass. Fresh favas are over-priced and not worth the trouble. I only got them because I thought they would make me cool. There, I said it. Wait, aren’t they trendy? How could trendy things be over-rated? Well because after you spend $2.50 for a pound of fresh beans […]
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Chive Blossoms

Chive blossoms can do more than pretty up your place, they can also pretty up your plate. The flowers on chive plants are edible and we found a bunch of them for sale a few weeks ago at our farmers’ market. I used most of the chives, but kept the ones with blossoms in a […]
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Farmers’ Market Photos

Our farmers’ market is finally back in full swing. Right now it is mostly young greens and root vegetables, but they also have some hot house tomatoes that beat the cardboard versions we were getting from Safeway. Purple Scallions – Deep Purple Bunching (I think)


Cold Chicken Salad With Bib Lettuce

There is not too much to report on this dish. I just wanted to share because it was really simple yet delicious. I picked up the head of bib lettuce at our farmers’ market. That salad was top with chicken breast which I pan-fried ahead of time. We also added some cherry tomatoes and gorgonzola […]
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Sauteed Ramps

Ramps are a trendy seasonal delight. They are a miniature version of a leek and taste like the cross between garlic and an onion. What makes them unique (and therefore trendy) is they can not be cultivated and instead have to be found in the wild. Unlike leeks, the green part is tender and can […]
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Tri-Colored Beets

I just got these wonderful beets from the local farmer’s market. They were fresh out of the ground and still had the greens attached and a little dirt on them. We roasted them and they were good!


Roasted Beets

I am not quite sure when beets are in season, but I just picked up two massive ones from the farmer’s market. We roasted both of them in oven, and they came out great. Roasting actually make the beets a lot easier to handle. They are really easy to peel after roasting and they give […]
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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This is the recipe that confirmed for me that Brussels sprouts are a tasty treat that have gotten a bad reputation. When I tried braising them they turned out good, roasting makes them great! Not only is this a tasty recipe, but it couldn’t be simpler. Roasted Brussels sprouts are completely different from soggy boiled […]
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Steamed & Buttered Root Vegetables

It is cold outside, you have 1 pounds of carrots and parsnip, what do you do? Why, you steam them and then toss them in butter, of course! This is one of those basic master recipes that works with just about anything, but works particularly well with root vegetables like carrots and parsnips. I was […]
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Butternut Squash Pizza

I know what you’re thinking, butternut squash on pizza??? We were skeptical as well, but the pictures accompanying the recipe looked too good to pass up. We are hopeful that our own photos will inspire you to try this recipe, as well! Verdict: the sweetness of the butternut squash and the dryness of the ricotta […]
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