Clam Belly, Preferably Fried

Part of: Vermont 08 – Cheese & Tasty Things Tour There are two kinds of fried clams in this world–fried clam strips and fried clams with bellies. The first kind is a flavorless dried out, stringy, piece of clam meat. The second kind is moist, tender and full of ocean flavor. For the past couple […]
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Spanish Style, Octopus Tapa

Our local Spanish restaurant, Jaleo, has a great octopus tapa. It is octopus with olive oil and smoked paprika. I have managed to create a version of it that might not be quite as good, but is still darn tasty. My version is shockingly easy (and cheap!). The secret to my version is that it […]
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Greek Style Shrimp, Part Duex

Carolyn and I made the Greek Shrimp again last week. It came out really good this time too. I had a couple of thoughts on how to make it better though. It is probably best to add the parsley at the very in and stir it in off the heat. Most leafy herbs like parsley […]
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Greek Style Shrimp

Before we went to Greece we took a class on Greek cooking at Sur La Table. It was a great class and we learned how to make 4 dishes. This is our favorite one. It is really easy to make and the flavor is great.