DC Restaurant Inspections – Mapped!

I have been working on a bit of a side project. DC has great map data online and they also have all of their restaurant inspections online. Unfortunately, the two systems are not connected… so I decided to fix that. I used the excellent software from Development Seed, TileMill, to create a custom map and overlay interactive points on top of it. I scrapped the restaurant inspection site to get all of the information from their inspections. The result is

Scroll over the different points to learn more about them and then click on the for details. If you click on the restaurant’s name in the info box it will bring up all of the records for it. From the drop-down up top you can also browse and search through lists of records. I will try to regularly update this with the latest information, but poke me if things are looking stale. Let me know how it works and if you can think of any improvements.

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