What should we plant?

Good news loyal readers… we just got a plot in our local community garden! Back we had a balcony we used to grow basil and cherry, but now the sky (or our 4′ plot) is the limit.

I want to branch out from this. My plan is to go for some herbs and other things that cost a lot in the store. Does anyone else have any better ideas? Let us know in the comments… especially all you bloggers in Adams Morgan, you might get some of the haul.

4 thoughts on “What should we plant?

  1. I am intrigued by the thought of an entire restaurant dedicated to the sloppy joe. It must be really good. Being a sandwich person myself I can appreciate anything well done should be enjoyed by itself. So if You have the best sloppy joe in town go for it I say. Good luck.

  2. We have very limited space so it led to planting in the front yard. Green beans, snap peas, chives, green onions, cilantro and chinese leek. Everything is planted so its blends in very well, you really don’t notice it. Everything planted in the yard by my mom and myself is useful in cooking.

    I prefer Thai Chile it is very hot but small in size so you either use the whole chile or use half. It a great flavor to add to soup, sauces and even fruit.

    You might want to try Simi-Dwarf trees such as Miller Lime and Lemon, Plums ect.

    • That is a great idea, I was thinking of going for Thyme, Sage, Dill and Tarragon. There is a nearby rosemary bush I can borrow from.

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