Another Cook in the Kitchen: Introducing Elena

Well, the Cookography staff just grew by one. Carolyn and I had a beautiful baby girl last week, named Elena. Posts may slow down a little as we get used to this new eater and her demanding feeding schedule. We will keep Cookography going though and promise not to have too many baby food related posts.

“Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father’s Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater” (Matthew Amster-Burton)

That said, I just finished a great book on the adventures of infants and toddlers. Hungry Monkey is written by a dad in Seattle who has a daughter that is an adventurous eater. It was a very encouraging read and he has great advice on foods that both you and your kid can enjoy. Basically, just try mashing up food into non-chokable pieces and see if the kid likes it. His daughter even liked hot food and sushi! It is a great story of how you can share things you like with kids even if they are very young. The copy I read was from the library but I am going to buy one because it is full of easy recipes and cooking tips for harried parents and an adventurous eater kid. He also has a great blog here, which is worth the read.


3 thoughts on “Another Cook in the Kitchen: Introducing Elena

  1. Congratulions! I have one of my own adventurous eater,and have been succesfully nannying many of those over the last decade. The more foods the mother eats when breastfeeding, the better to encourage tasting(apart from foods causing gas or acidity), then later, try everything! One of my daughter’s favourite food is ginger… raw…

    You may also found the English cook Annable Carmel interesting. She has a lot of interesting and fun recipes for kids, and a great website. It helped me a lot over the years.

    Enjoy your daughter:)

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