KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer Review

After much debating we finally got the KitchenAid Pro 600. It is a 6 quart mixer that can supposedly hold 14 cups of flour, and the largest mixer that KitchenAid makes. The decision was between this mixer and the Viking 7 quart mixer. The Viking mixer is the same mixer as the ones from Hamilton Beech Commercial, DeLonghi Stand Mixer and the Wolfgang Puck Mixer. All of these mixers are based upon the now defunct Kenwood Stand Mixer. They have all gotten good reviews and supposedly have more capacity based upon the bowl size and wattage.


    • Wattage doesn’t mean much. The wattage is a measure of how much power a machine takes, not of how much work it can do. Depending on the design, one machine maybe better designed than another.
    • Bowl capacity doesn’t matter too much either. It can be a good general reference, but it is like judging a cars performance based upon the size of the trunk.
    • How many cups of flour a mixer can handle is relevant only between mixers that have all been tested the same way.


    • The Decision

      Here is why I went with the Pro 600

      • KitchenAid makes tons of mixers… millions! If I need replacement part or service, it is much easier to find. For all of the other companies, mixers are a sideline business, how knows who committed they are to their lines.
      • There have been postings that KitchenAid has not been as good since Hobart sold the company to Whirlpool. However, the mixer comes with a 1 year no hassle warranty. If appliances break, it is usually in the first year, so I felt covered. Also, this basic model has been in production for a long time, so I am not counting on too many design flaws.
      • While it may not be the largest consumer mixer out there, it is still a pretty big honking mixer.
      • As a home baker I only need so much capacity, I am limited by the size of my oven. I can easily make two standard loaves or 1 rustic loaf in each batch and that is around all can fit in my oven. If I wanted to double up, I can always do two batches.
      • Another great thing is the cool attachments they keep coming out with and refining. The two big highlights for me are the ice cream maker and the pasta roller. The pasta roller itself pretty much sealed the deal. Another great thing is that almost all of the attachments work with every KitchenAid mixer that has ever been made, so I am not too worried about finding attachments in the future.
      • The company supported chat area, KitchenAid Conversations was also a big selling point. It is an open forum where they allow positives and negatives. KitchenAid is very responsive and they have there top engineers check in from time to time to answer questions. I thing this is truly a great example of how a company should operate.


      I have only had the mixer for about a week, but I have managed to put it through a few recipes. I have made pizza, a double batch of whole wheat and white bread, along with a rustic Italian load and a batch of cookies. It handled this a perfectly. I think it even laughed at the double batches. I might even be able to get another loaf in there. Either way this is one serious mixer, and up for practically anything I can throw at it. It is possible that other mixers, like the Viking could have more power… but you don’t need it. This mixer is a joy to use and I definitely recommend it. And just in case you are interested the color is Nickel Pearl, and yes it is bad-ass looking!

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    1. Love mine!!! I’ve had it for about 5 years, and it still works like it did the first day. It was pricy, but well worth the extra money. Baking goodies with my grandchildren is always fun, and they love helping Nana pour the ingredients into the mixer while it’s mixing. I’ll have this appliance forever because it’s VERY WELL MADE. Thanks KitchenAid!!!

    2. I have a Kitchenaid Professional 600, been using it for 4 years, and it’s like new. Great machine, a pleasure to cook with. None of the smells or problems mentioned here.

    3. I bought the Pro 600 after my 25 year old Kitchenaid quit working and I thought I wanted a bigger one. I do not like the bowl lift function but I wonder if I just don’t know how to use it correctly. How do you remove the bowl gracefully? I can’t seem to remove the bowl without making a mess. Any hints?

      • Firmly lift up the back of the bowl with both hands, then simply lift it up and remove.

      • It has been 6+ years and mine is still going strong. I have thrown large, whole wheat bread and it and it didn’t complain.

    4. I just bought a 600 Pro and finished mixing my first batch of dough. There was a smell of burning plastic parts coming from inside the motor. I’m a professional baker, and after reading these posts, I think I’m going to return both (I bought two). Thanks for everyone’s help.

    5. My mom gave me her Kitchenaid from 1974 – Harvest Gold. The thing still works amazingly! Sure, it cannot handle bread (although I still have the bread hook and all the original attachments), but that’s saying something! Would you expect your 85 yr old grandma to run a marathon? It’s never needed service, but if it did I’d probably spend the money because it’s part of the family now like a well-seasoned cast iron pan.

    6. I bought a KitchenAid Pro 600 just over a year ago. It recently stopped while mixing. I called a local repair shop and they will not even let me bring it in – said that machine is TRASH and has so many problems they won’t stand between KitchenAid and their angry customers. He advised looking for estate sales and trying to find an OLD one that CAN be repaired. If buying new, do not buy any model that has the band around the head that attaches with one screw in the center back. Buy only the models that the band is attached on rear sides with a screw on each side. Those models he says should last about 5 years, but can be repaired.

    7. My wife’s old kitchen was older than her and it lasted about 25 years. It worked incredibly. The new kitchen aid we got is terrible… it stops constantly, it always smells like the engine is burning… it’s total junk and source of frustration, and now after 2.5 years is all but dead and nothing more than a paper weight, we are thinking of buying a Viking next time.

      • Thats weird, I wonder if you have a bad one. I would give their customer service line a call. I have thrown a ton at… 4 loaves of whole wheat bread and it didn’t flinch. The Artisan series could be a little wimpier though.

        Either way, I don’t think the Viking will be much different. I am sure it is in the same class. If you are looking to get a real heavy duty mixer, take a look at the Hobart. It is the same company that made your wife’s older model.

    8. Viking wont let there name be tarnished by producing a piece of junk to appeal to a mass market. Their major appliances are top notch,,,,

      Top notch? Afraid not. Do a little research on line. I have a complete Viking kitchen, and have had problems with all of them. Oven hinges wearing out in 4 years, dishwasher racks falling apart, steam venting out the knob holes on the oven and the warming drawer and causing the lettering to come off, cooktop ignitors not working, or firing on the wrong burner, oven coming on by itself..I could go on and on. I would never buy another Viking Appliance. Ever.

      • KitchenAid makes Viking refridgerators. Sad but true. So far my experience with Fagor fridges and appliances has been amazing. No where near the cost of Viking. And I haven’t had a single issue with any of them.

      • Good catch! Sorry about that. My NoshBot site wasn’t smart enough to handle the 1/2 and 1/3 characters… I will add that to the fix list.

    9. Just as an update, we have had our mixer for over 3 years now and it is still doing great. I don’t bake a ton, but I have done quadruple batches of bread and it hasn’t even flinched. I would still highly recommend it. Both the Viking and Cusinart mixers seem like updates on the old Kenwood design. Interestingly, both are made in China. My guess is at the same factory. It is entirely possible that KA is making a couple duds every now and then, but the one we got is a gem and expect to keep on chugging for a long time to come.

      • use mine 2-3 times a week normally and right now with the holidays I am using it way more. Bread, pie, mashed pots, pizza, cookies galore. I LOVE it- best gift I’ve ever received. I’ve had no issues for over a year now, yay for not getting a dud :)

    10. I have had my KA 600 for 5+ years. I have lots of use with it. Small Commercial Baker, meaning 2x week I bake for other people. Breads (12 cups of flour at a time), cookies, cheesecakes, etc. It’s used for most of the day and never had any problems with mine. Now they have a 3 qt. bowl available that I’m thinking on getting for smaller batches. I have been asked by many if I would sell it to them… No way! Go buy your own. :)

    11. I Love my Pro 600. It can handle anything I throw at it.
      Very heavy duty construction. All Pro 600 are now sold with the metal gear cover. Do not be afraid to purchase the Pro 600.
      very heavy duty, great machine.
      The only reason they used the plastic cover (which would get warm and flex causing the gears to miss align) was to save weight.
      People complained the machine was too heavy. They are now built to the old Hobart specs, Hardened steel gears with steel gear case.
      I highly recommend this mixer.

      • Hey John M. are you sure about this? all the new KitchenAids Pro 600 are made with metal gear housing? since when? I’m about to buy one of them, but I’m really worried about this. What if there still old stock around the US? im thinking to buy one from, what do you think about this website?

        Your response will be really helpful to my decision.

        Thean you so much.

      • KitchenAid has a pretty helpful Facebook site. If you post this question there they should have an answer for you pretty quick. I do believe that they made this switch a couple years ago.

    12. I bought a KitchenAid pro 600. It started giving me trouble in the first week. The transmission housing is made of plastic. This is a stressed part of the driveline. When this thing cracks all the gears go out of alignment rendering the mixer useless. I replaced two of these (at 50 bucks a piece) and had to wait 3 weeks for each one. I ma very disappointed with the KitchenAid. You can buy this product in some drug stores and Costco as well as many other places. Quality of an item usually deteriorates when a product is mass marketed such as this one.

      My next mixer is a Viking Pro. It costs more than the KitchenAid. A lot more. I don’t mind paying for quality. I do not like getting ripped off! I reluctantly shelled out the money for the Viking. We have had this machine for 6 months and I swear you could mix cement in it! The attachments are made of stainless steel, not aluminum like the KitchenAid. I don’t want aluminum in my bread thank you. It also has a spot on the back to attach a blender, food processor etc. In addition it also has the familiar place on the front for a juicer, pasta maker meat grinder etc. It’s more machines-in one-than the KitchenAid. The Viking has wheels on the back of it so you can move it around the counter with ease if need be (without scratching anything). The mixing bowl on the Viking locks in securely at the base and is not suspended by those pins on the KitchenAid that pop out and allow the bowl wobble all over the place when under a hard load. By all accounts KitchenAid HAD a good name, but they are losing there reputation quickly by producing this current crop of garbage. The Viking is only available in boutique type kitchen stores. You wont find it London Drugs, Target or Costco. There is a reason for that. Viking wont let there name be tarnished by producing a piece of junk to appeal to a mass market. Their major appliances are top notch, not like KitchenAid stuff, which are simply Whirpool appliances that have been re-badged and some blinky lights and stainless added.

      I am very happy with the decision I made with the Viking Stand mixer. My advice…If you have 300 hard saved bucks to spend on a KitchenAid mixer, buy a Sunbeam and take your spouse out to a nice dinner. If you are truly looking for the next level in a stand mixer, spend a couple of hundred more on the Viking. Thank-you.

    13. I have two kenwood mixers, a Kitchenaid Artisan And Now
      a Pro 6 and much prefer the Kitchenaids. You made a wise
      choice not buying the viking I used one for two months
      and belive it or not the motor burnt out creaming
      butter and sugar for a sponge cake. the repair cost £150
      Or about $300 needless to say i didnt bother.

      • The Kitchenaid Professional 600 is crap!!!
        I paid $500 for one five years ago and now it won’t work.
        Kitchenaid will not fix it and the shop that they referred me to is lined with Kitchenaid mixers that their owners will not pick up because it costs more to fix than to buy a new one.
        They quoted me $300 for parts (Mainly the gears that wore out) and about $100 for labor.

        The technician at the shop told me that the average life expectancy of a Kitchenaid mixer is 2-3 years.
        My wife used it twice a month when she made 3 loaves of bread, that is easy and light use.

        As far as I am concerned Kitchenaid quality is a hoax!

      • I agree with you Chris I too love the Kitchenaide I am on my 2nd one I only bought a new 600 pro because I am baking a lot now and needed a second machine my first kitchenaid is 20 years old and never a problem , I love this one because it yields more dough and cookie batter also I love the new shield ,,it is easy to move around ,,,before I would buy a viking which a friend of mine purchased and in 1 day the motor burnt out ..I would buy another Kitchenaid for those who had problems kitchenaid customer service will help you ..great product

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