Super Banilla Yogurt Pancakes

Necessity is the mother of invention…and sometimes really great dishes. This dish came about because we were low on milk and couldn’t go without it in out coffee. So instead of sparing some to make pancakes, we followed Mark Bittman’s advice and tried using yogurt instead. We didn’t use any old, ordinary yogurt though…we used […]
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How to Make Yogurt

Ever since we had our Great Greek Yogurt Contest I have had yogurt on my brain. This has led me down a crazy path of trying to make my own yogurt. It all sounds a little dangerous and sort of earthy-crunchy. Who in their right mind would be into yogurt enough that they would risk […]
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Granola the way YOU like it

What’s better than granola where you choose the ingredients? Do you want sweet, filled with chocolate-covered espresso beans or gummy bears, or healthy, filled with dried fruit and nuts? The people behind MixMyGranola what you to decide for yourself…choose your granola base, add whatever ingredients you want, and they ship it to your door. We […]
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The Great Greek Yogurt Haiku Contest

Ever since our trip to Greece we have been big fans of Greek-style yogurt. And we have always been huge fans of gifts. So when Stonyfield Farms sent us coupons for free yogurt we were super excited. Instead of hoarding all this goodness, we thought it would be nice to share. Unfortunately we are not […]
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OYeah Yogurt in DC

Not cooking related, but food related….A little yogurt shop opened in Adams Morgan next to/in Todito’s Market (Right on Columbia, next to Cashions) called OYeah. I know what you’re thinking…”ANOTHER yogurt place in DC?!” But this place is different because it’s fresh and homemade yogurt (as in the breakfast food) with fruit and granola toppings. We stopped […]
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