Epic Bread Baking: The Miche

I know the phrase “Epic” is totally played out and is tossed around way too easily, but seriously how else do you describe a 4 pound loaf of bread that is over a foot and a half across. If a loaf that large is not considered Epic, what would be? The name for this large […]
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sourdough waffles-0873-600px.jpg

Sourdough Waffles

I am a proud parent…of millions of Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis! I have successfully created a vigorous sourdough starter! Of course this comes with a bit of responsibility. Before you bake anything with it you have to refresh the start with some fresh flour and water the night before. I ended up with a bit of extra […]
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Sourdough Success

One of my favorite baking blogs is Baker’s Banter, which is written by the fine folks up at King Arthur Flour. I know I am only one sentence in, but I am going to side track onto flour prices… and food prices in general. KA flour is definitely more expensive. I can get a 5lbs […]
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