Cold Chicken Salad With Bib Lettuce

There is not too much to report on this dish. I just wanted to share because it was really simple yet delicious. I picked up the head of bib lettuce at our farmers’ market. That salad was top with chicken breast which I pan-fried ahead of time. We also added some cherry tomatoes and gorgonzola […]
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Sauteed Ramps

Ramps are a trendy seasonal delight. They are a miniature version of a leek and taste like the cross between garlic and an onion. What makes them unique (and therefore trendy) is they can not be cultivated and instead have to be found in the wild. Unlike leeks, the green part is tender and can […]
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Spanish Style, Octopus Tapa

Our local Spanish restaurant, Jaleo, has a great octopus tapa. It is octopus with olive oil and smoked paprika. I have managed to create a version of it that might not be quite as good, but is still darn tasty. My version is shockingly easy (and cheap!). The secret to my version is that it […]
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Steamed & Buttered Root Vegetables

It is cold outside, you have 1 pounds of carrots and parsnip, what do you do? Why, you steam them and then toss them in butter, of course! This is one of those basic master recipes that works with just about anything, but works particularly well with root vegetables like carrots and parsnips. I was […]
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Pan Sauteed Tiny, Baby Squash

Last weekend we couldn’t help but pick-up a carton of these adorable baby squash. They were tiny, about the size of a finger. To cook them, I cut off the stem and then halved them. We heated up a pan over medium heat with olive oil and then cooked them, cut side down, until they […]
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Speed Beans: Sauteed Frozen Green Beans

Sauteed frozen green beans has become our favorite dish. Frozen green beans you might ask, can they be any good? Well the truth is frozen vegetables are often just as flavorful, if not more, than “fresh” vegetables. Frozen vegetables are a quick, cheap and tasty way to get vegetables on your table.

Spicy Green Bean Salad

Each time the summer rolls around and BBQing starts I make my favorite side dish, Spicy Green Beans. The dish balances the sweetness of the beans with a smoky, spicy sauce. It is best made with fresh green beans, they are nice and crisp, but frozen green beans can be used too. Frozen might be […]
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Sauteed Baby Zucchini

This is a great recipe for baby zucchini, which starts appearing at the very beginning of summer. It is a great way to highlight the flavor of the zucchini. The recipe is very simple, and not really specific to zucchini. Basically you cook it with butter, salt and olive oil. It is done over a […]
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