FFS: Easy Japanese Food

One of the interesting things I came across while at the Fancy Food Show, were a couple of interesting Japanese products that make cooking easier. I am fan of Japanese cooking, and since we have the awesome Hana Japanese Market around the corner I have no excuse for taking shortcuts. That said, it is better […]
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Miso Salmon-2009.jpg

Miso Marinated Salmon

I am not quite sure how this meal came to be. I think we had a bunch of random ingredients and desire to make some thing Japanese. The end result was a broiled fillet of miso marinated salmon, a radish salad made with radishes and their greens, sautéed sesame green beans and a bowl of […]
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Miso Ramen and a 9 Hour Layover

Sometimes you have to make the best of a bad situation…and a 9 hour layover is a bad situation. I was in Indonesia for work and on the way back I had a layover in Japan. After an overnight flight into Narita, Japan, I got off the plane and saw that it was drizzling outside…perfect […]
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Poached Eggs Atop Mixed Greens

After trying the recipe for Soft-Boiled Eggs with a Miso Lemon dressing, I realized two things: Soft boiling eggs is a pain. They are tough to peel! The dressing is amazing. Reacting to these two realities, I came up with this dish. Instead of soft-boiling the eggs, I poached them. We got these great egg […]
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Soft Boiled Eggs with Miso, Lemon Dressing

When I came across this recipe on CookThink, I thought it looked a little weird. Miso, egg and lemon don’t really seem like a natural combo. I had everything needed lying around, however, so I thought I would give it a try–and since I am posting here, it clearly was tasty. Miso and lemon actually […]
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