Lamb Carnitas Tacos

We just heard back from the lamb folks… and unfortunately our most awesome Barbacoa Lamb didn’t win. The winning recipe for DC involves Indian spice and sounds pretty good. Thats ok, we still love lamb and had a blast. It was a seriously good recipe and you should try it. However, it wasn’t the only […]
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Pork Stew-2009-2.jpg

Green Chile Pork Posole

I’m not even going to pretend like I’ve heard of Posole before, but a quick Google search tells me that it’s a traditional Mexican stew. This recipe is from bon appetit (April), which Luke picked up in the airport before one of his recent flights. We liked the ingredients and had a pound of pork […]
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Steak Tacos

In our neighborhood in DC there is a great taco truck that comes every weekend. The one downside is that it’s tough waiting a whole week in between taco fixes. The solution…make them at home! Of course they can not be as good as the magical tacos from the truck, but they’ll still be pretty […]
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Green Salsa with Tomatillo, Cilantro and Lime

This green salsa is a great dish to bring to all those summer parties. It is so good that you will probably start getting invited to even more parties!  (Legal Disclaimer: Results may vary, promises made on this blog are non-binding.) I have always been both scared of and attracted to tomatillos. They look like […]
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Burrito Factory

Every once in a while we like to turn our kitchen into a burrito factory. And by this I mean we basically set up an assembly line operation and make make enough burritos to feed a small army, or last us for lunches for a long, long time. On this latest occasion we made 31 […]
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Tortilla Soup

Spicy soups can be very refreshing during the summer. Tortilla soup is smokey from the Chipotle peppers, which also give it a little kick. We love having this soup with a couple of quesadillas. The soup is light and its spiciness counters the quesadillas perfectly. The recipes comes from America’s Test Kitchen. It may looks […]
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