FFS: Easy Japanese Food

One of the interesting things I came across while at the Fancy Food Show, were a couple of interesting Japanese products that make cooking easier. I am fan of Japanese cooking, and since we have the awesome Hana Japanese Market around the corner I have no excuse for taking shortcuts. That said, it is better […]
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Broiled Yellowtail Collar

I will be the first to admit that this is a bit of an obscure dish. Fine, it is down right weird. Carolyn was definitely skeptical when I brought home two frozen fish cheeks that still had the fins attached. Fortunately the results were very tasty. The “collar” is actually what it sounds like–the collar […]
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Okonomiyaki – Japanese Pizzas

Last week I volunteered as an assistant at CulinAerie, a cooking school across the street from my office. CulinAeire has a great space with lots of professional equipment. Their convection oven makes me a little jealous. The class I helped out with was “Japanese Bistro” and it taught us all how to make some of […]
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Hana Japanese Market

I came across a great Japanese market on my walk home from work. Hana Japanese Market recently opened at 17th and U Street in Northwest Washington, DC. It is a great little market that carries almost any Japanese product you could need. They mostly have dry or frozen goods, but they also get local, fresh […]
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Miso Ramen and a 9 Hour Layover

Sometimes you have to make the best of a bad situation…and a 9 hour layover is a bad situation. I was in Indonesia for work and on the way back I had a layover in Japan. After an overnight flight into Narita, Japan, I got off the plane and saw that it was drizzling outside…perfect […]
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